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Day at the Rugby

Today, I went to Twickenham to watch some Premiership Rugby, it was between Wasps and Bath. I really enjoyed it, great atmosphere, great crowd, great view.

I’ll start from the start of the day, as you do! I didn’t wake up until late, 10:30, we had planned to leave at 12:30, which we did (I went with my Dad). Kick off was not until 17:30, but we wanted to leave plenty of time, it is Easter weekend, London, traffic could do anything. There was thankfully only the one hold up, lasted 15minutes. I say thankfully, not because traffic jams make me angry, more that I can’t stand to listen to my Dad moan and comment on every aspect of the bloody thing. He goes on and on about people switching lanes, people on phones, not pulling away fast enough, drives me crazy.

So, anyway, we get to the Tesco car park (the club have a deal where fans can park there on match days) around 15:00. It was all going nicely, plenty of time on our hands, so I suggested we go into the store, get a drink, use the toilets etc. Now, let me explain why I was so keen to use the Tesco toilet, Tesco always seems to have a disabled toilet and you never know when the next one might be. So, we go find it and to my horror, I find out it is nothing more than a broom cupboard with a toilet and handrails in. It was disgusting, I could barely get my wheelchair in, there was no room to move, the toilet seat was falling off, as were the hand rails. The worse thing was the smell, I’m not talking a smell someone before me could of left, this was, well, you can imagine. So, I am going to complain to Tesco for that, that was a disgrace. It caused me great stress, most of you will have no idea, but as a disabled person and you find out you can’t go to the toilet, you need it more. It is not like I can pop next door, pee in a bush etc. So, they will be getting a letter from me, I hope others have complained in the past too.

After that, we headed to the stadium, which by the way is huge! We look for something to eat, which wasn’t hard, there were food outlets everywhere. Decided on a pasty, which was as expected a rip off, but you expect to get ripped off at these places. We decided to go find out seats, we were on the same level as the boxes and hospitality lounges, infact were between two. The view was amazing! I can not stress that enough, it was perfect, could see the whole pitch, barely had to move to see end to end. The used the space well, had “carers” sat behind those in wheelchairs, “carers” had raised seats so they could see well. It was all so well planned, you couldn’t ask for more. The match itself was fantastic, I don’t full understand rugby, but I understood this was a great game. There were so many tries, the crowd was great, to top it all off, you can drink alcohol in the ground! I enjoyed it loads!

Leaving London was easy, plus there was a storm, was great to watch. Really tired after the long day, but was so worth it, would do it again. Hoping to go see England play Wales in a World Cup warm up match in the summer.

Thank you for reading again!

Here are some photos I took today. http://gallery.me.com/rob1986#100080

Here are some Tries I recorded.

  1. Muttley
    April 24, 2011 at 11:26

    Isnt Wasps the Rochdale team?

    Im asking cos thats where my family originate from. My Great Grandfather and my Great Aunt (among other family members) played for or were involved with Milnrow Cricket Club. A friend of mine who lives there mentioned she knows someone who played for Wasps(might have been her ex).

    • April 24, 2011 at 11:34

      No, they play in London, at High Wycombe. 🙂

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