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Well, got up early today, went to Peterborough. I am not a big fan of Peterborough, it is a “new town”, it has no character, just doesn’t feel right. It has it’s good points, it really does, the Cathedral is lovely. There are a few nice parks, it has the biggest Tesco I have ever seen! However, it is boring, it is dull, bland and just uninviting. But, it is my local city, so it is where we go to shop, I’ve not been for a while though.

We tend to go in early, beat the crowds, by early I mean leave the house at 8:30 and get there for 9. Had breakfast at McDonalds (sausage and egg McMuffin with hashbrown if you’re interested), was very nice, washed down with orange juice. I say we went there to shop, I bought nothing, I almost did, but I um’d and r’d too much. I was considering getting Star Wars lego for the PS3, but the price in HMV was £10 more than on play.com (checked it on my iPhone). Well, I now remember, I did buy something, a case of Magners from Waitrose. Can’t go without cider can I?

Once home, I arrived to a package, a minivac, how rock and roll I hear you say, I know, I can’t believe how cool my life is either. The rest of the day sort of, died after that. We had a bitch about the next door neighbour, while she was on holiday the other week, her daughter moved it. She didn’t know this was going to happen, the daughter just did it, then came up with some B.S. reason as to why. However, her family are so loud, they have a dog, hell. They stomp around the house, shout, scream, the dog barks non stop, we can’t even enjoy a cup of tea out because they smoke!

Even as I write this, there is shouting from them. My father just went round, one of the kids ripped a notice off the telegraph pole and put it on our car. He only went round to just ask they not do it again, then left, was very polite. Now we can hear them shouting at the kid, who is denying it, despite us watching them. Hope they leave by the summer, for two reasons, 1) I do not want my cousins meeting them 2) this is meant to be a nice quiet area. GO AWAY!

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