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Naff start

Wow, my day started off naff, I had planned to get up around 7:20, for the F1. I figured that would leave me enough time to shower and get into slacks, I did not however, bank on waking up at 6:30 over heating and feeling sick.

When I wake up not feeling well, or more specifically, feeling sick, I panic. I panic because I am worried I may not be able to get into my wheelchair quick enough (I know, gross topic). Today was fine, just felt weak due to being hot, had to flannel myself down with cold water and sit there until I started to shiver. Once that happened I was all good, it just took 50minutes, but I sorted myself out!

So, once all that was sorted, the day began for real, I went to watch the F! from China, was a really good race, enjoyed it a lot! After that I joined my father in a little gardening. I say joined him, I sat there with a cup of tea and watched him, occasionally mocking him etc. The rest of the day was just filled with messing around online, playing a few PlayStation games and watching the Football. We has a BBQ for diner, we ate indoors, it is never the same eating a BBQ indoors is it? Was plenty warm enough out, I am still confused why we ate in.

Anyway, enough from me, Peterborough awaits me tomorrow!

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