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Nice weather

Nice out isn’t it? I popped out earlier, would rather be indoors, why would I need to go out. I have everything I need indoors, food, TV, running water, the internet, it is all here! But what about social interaction I hear you say, well, as stated before, I  have the internet, plus my best friend is away in Bournemouth at the moment. Please don’t think I have only one friend, I have others I might go out drinking with, but I only have one close friend, one I trust. If he is away I tend to not to go out much, sounds pathetic right? Well, yeah, to you it might be, but I am happy enough, I like the way things are.

I can’t be the only one who would rather be indoors can I? Plenty of you stay online for long periods of time right? Oh well, back to my DVD box set of the World at War.

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