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Last day of the Harriar

Here are some pictures of the last day of the RAF Harriar , my father was given these pictures from work. They are official photos (as I am sure you can tell by the fact some are taken from the air), no idea who I can credit but they are not taken by me.


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  1. March 31, 2011 at 21:46

    The sad thing is that today is April 1st and this is actually not a joke.

    The Harrier both in GR9 and AV-8B derivatives is the only aircraft capable of operating off of aircraft carriers in very choppy and heavy seas. In a thearte of operations like the Falklands, no other aircraft would have been capable of even flying at all.

    What’s really pathetic is that the F-35 Lightning II which is supposed to replace it in both the RAF, and RN, is hideously late and beyond budget… typical Yanks.

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