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Boycott – Yardy

OK, I know a lot of people have given their opinions on what Geoffrey Boycott has said today, regarding the fact Michael Yardy has had to return home, due to depression. It is very sad that he is suffering from this invisible disability, I hope he and the people close to him are able to get it sorted.
However, the tosh Boycott spouted this morning was bad, I agree, but I also think the overreaction is bad too. A lot of people have gone on too much about what Boycott has said, why? Why is anyone surprised that this, out of touch, dragon has said? We all know from his commentary he just spouts drivel, he has no grasp of the modern game, he can only ever reflect upon the past, even then he is boring and biased. So I ask, why does anyone care what he thinks? Surely to care, you would have to respect his views in the first place?

Surely a better question to ask would be, what can we do to help sportsmen who suffer with this disability? The disability many like to ignore, the one many mock or deny. It is a disability, many will deny it is, OK, it is not as in your face as mine, mine comes with a wheelchair. But depression can disable you, it can ruin you, it can stop you from doing everything. I know statistically there are likely to be as many depressed sportsmen and women as in any other area of live, but it seems to be a taboo within sports, no one ever seems to want to address. People just assume it is to do with bad form or the fact they are not in a side etc. I can’t be anything else can it? Has to be all about the sport right? Sportsmen and women all have perfect lives out of sport right? No, of course not, they have the same as the rest of us, some with a little added media stress.

I don’t have any answers, I just think today we all seem to be asking the wrong questions and caring about the wrong things.
I for one do not care what Boycott says, I only wish Yardy all the best.

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