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Grr disability

You know, I really do not mind being disabled anymore, I went through a stage during my teens of being angry, blaming everyone etc. These days however, I accept my disability is just a thing, it prevents me from doing very little of what I wish to do. I know without my disability, I would not be who I am, have the the friends I have. I would most certainly have gone to the local secondary school had it not been for the fact it has many steps etc, I wouldn’t have had to travel 20 miles to the only mainstream school that was 100% accessible i the entire area (back in 1997 this was). I would never of joined the Up Side Down Sports Club (disability sports club, met every Monday, got to try everything!), with them we went on annual summer activity breaks. We got to go rock climbing, abseiling, horse riding and more, great fun. I would of never been able to join Hereward Heat basketball team back in 2003, played with GB Internationals. I accept I can’t walk, not sure I would want to be able to anymore, but do you know what I do hate? The small things about my disability (I have quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, note the word have, not suffer, I do not have a disease, I am in no pain) , the small things being, my right hand being utter useless at times, DRIBBLING! What the hell is that about? Do not get the image of a dribbling spastic, that is not me, but a few times a day, I catch myself dribbling, it is utterly disgusting and embarrassing!

I do not want this entry to be seen as a moan, more just a vent. I am very grateful for the fantastic quality of life I have, I have a loving family who would and have done everything for me I have fantastic friends, the best there are. But sometimes, it is the small things that get you down, not being able to hold a cup of tea and move your chair being one of them.



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  1. Muttley
    March 7, 2011 at 22:07

    For me I am lucky in that my disability (Neurofibromatosis)doesnt affect me too badly. I am still pretty mobile. It has slowly worsened however and I can’t do some of the things I used to which is frustrating. But I am quite stubborn and refuse to accept it and try to push myself. Like you I am pretty happy for the most part. I think my biggest complaint would be that if I were to marry I wouldnt be able to have children of my own, on account of it being genetic. So whilst our disabilities are somewhat different I can still, on some level, empathise with you.


    • March 7, 2011 at 22:09

      I know nothing of your disability, could you enlighten me a little?

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