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Friday feeling

Well, it is Friday night, I am at home watching the Boxset of CSI NY season 6, drinking some Disaronno and Coke, good times. I don’t tend to go out clubbing, I find the noise hurts and I don’t tend to enjoy the music that is played. That is not to say I do not go out, I enjoy going out to a good cocktail bar, love Disaronno sours, taste like heaven.

So, what have I been up to these last two days, well I will be honest, just work. I had a fall yesterday which caused my knee to hurt for hours, still hurts now. Also, today, I laughed at how pathetic some people are, I’m not on about the students, I’m on about fellow members of staff, I won’t go into details as that would be unprofessional.

No pictures today, it was too cold and my muscles went super tight, so was in a lost of discomfort. 😦

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