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Sports is very stressful

Wow what a day, before I get going, I am going to admit I missed a good few hours of England vs India but I saw enough.

The day starts off at 08:45 for me, bit a hangover, put the cricket on, expectations were not high, this was India we were facing , best of the best and we struggled against the Netherlands only a few days ago. England were made to bowl first, the first few overs were crazy, England came so close to catching a few balls, but were hit for  lot of runs. Basically for the next few hours England were battered and punished for some very bowling. I actually missed most of India’s collapse due to the fact my parents had guests and I was required to join them. I saw a bit of the Strauss and KP partnership, thought it was good, nothing crazy happened. After lunch I returned to see England were still doing very well, but then the inevitable happened, England collapsed and fast. The last few overs were just awful to watch, but after some amazing 6’s England managed to get a draw, don’t think anyone knew whether to be happy or sad, a win looked so on!

I then caught the second half of the Carling Cup final, my love for footy is slipping, I find I just do not care anymore.

Not sure what else to write for today, sod all happened, not sure if anyone reads this, but I will be back tomorrow.

Didn’t get round to taking any photos today, have one of Strauss instead.

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