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Dull day

So, not sure if I have said it before, but I work in a school, so I have this week off, can not say I have a done a lot, the highlights being:

  • Watched a little cricket
  • spoke on the air with 5live, sadly it was to the very patronising Stephen (Stephen with a ph as he always goes on about) Nolan
  • had eggy bread for lunch 😀
  • did a bit of room tidying
  • watched Four Lions, quite liked it
  • helped my mother defrost the freezer (I basically sat there and chatted)
  • had dinner (Shepards pie, mum and Emily has chicken parcels, you will see the left over chicken in a minute)
  • now enjoying the football

Here are a few pictures to round up the day, as I’ve said, going to try post atleast one picture a day.


Normally I use a special knife and fork set (just chunky handles) but since this involved no cutting, I went normal. 🙂

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