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You know, I think I have been miss using this thing, I am not a political activist, so why only blog when I have a political gripe?

So, you know, going to try use this to just talk about whatever, most of it won’t be interesting to any of you, a little of it might, that is not important for me, this blog is for my benefit.

Right, onto tricks, currently youtube.com just won’t work for me, I can access any videos page, but can not seem to play the videos, I just get a black box where the video goes, any ideas peeps?

Also, I am going to try and post a picture of the day, today’s is of my bedroom, which is to be honest a total mess, I am posting a picture of it to remind me what a state it is in and to try not let it get like this again, as you will soon see, it is in quite a state. No idea why I allowed it to get like this, I don’t like it being like this, it just happened? Anyway, here it is.

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