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My MP fobs me off.

So last month I decided to see if  could meet my local MP, Shailesh Vara. I wanted to see him to voice my concerns regarding the cuts that will impact on disabled people, I am not one for protests but wanted my voice heard.

My first point was my disgust at the fact any disabled person receiving DLA and living in  residential home for more than 28 days will lose the motobility component. This angers me, this is not just for getting a car, you can use it for anything to aid your movement, it gives you freedom, hire a taxi, pay your mate to drive you, rent a mobility scooter.  Mr Vala says the residential home will sort out all transport, will they? Really? So, just support, someone is in one of these homes decides they wish to go to town one day, spur of the moment, they can’t really can they? Where as with the motorbility fund, they could just hire a taxi and go.

Cheers for supporting the  removal of a human right and making disabled people second class Mr Vara.

He also says the Independent Living Fund will be covered by local authorities, again, really? This fund is for a wide range of things, hiring a cleaner, gardener etc. People often hire family because they get more for their money than if they hired a stranger, plus having family help often saves a little dignity.

Why don’t you and your Government just admit you don’t care for disabled people Mr Vara, yes we cost a lot to support, however that is not our fault. We do not bloody want it, WE NEED IT!

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  1. February 25, 2011 at 15:22

    Disgusted? Me? Effing bloody arseholes. I have a mate who uses his allowance for exactly the sort of thing you mention plus he’s a violinist and it’s the only way he can afford to get to places where other musicians congregate to play (he’s a jazzer but don’t hold that against him). Of course, the fact that playing gives him quality of life and actually seems to improve his COPD is neither here nor there to these callous bastards. Big society my arse. I used to drive him many places (without charging) but I’m on a 9-5 (read 9-8) contract at the moment so he’s going to be left to stew in his room now.

    • February 26, 2011 at 21:05

      It angers me so much, to get the same quality of life, disabled people need money spent on them. Spent it now, or in the future you will have to spend more, I’ve had a year of not working before, nothing for a whole year, depressing. We can not have disabled people prisoners in their own homes, it is just not fair and it upsets me so much that this bastard Government, the Cabinet, over half of whom are millionaires are able to make cuts that will basically see people suffer. The Government just do not care for the disabled, pure scum the lot of them.

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