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The Elephant in the room

There is an Elephant in the room and I think it might be my disability!

Seriously, why are people so afraid of this thing, it won’t bite you, address it, no bad will come. Ignoring it, not addressing it worse than you mentioning it.

The point of me saying that is, there is this lady at work who was unsure if I would be able to do a first aid course, it would entail me getting out of my chair etc. So rather than doing the adult thing, asking me directly, she went to my line manager hoping he would ask me on her behalf. Well, why? I am in a wheelchair, fantastic, I can still answer a simple question though, I mean, I have a job, get myself there all by myself each and every day.  So why would I not be able to answer such an easy question, which is about me? No one knows myself better than me, so why not just ask me? Why be afraid of the difference I have? I find it all very odd, even as a child people used to ask my parents question that I was more than capable of answering, ‘does he want a drink?’ my father would play along, ‘do you want a drink’ he would ask slowly, to which I would always reply ‘oh yes father, would absolutely love one!’

I have a wheelchair, there is nothing wrong with my thinking ability, stereotypes fail, sort yourselves out!

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