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What am I meant to say?

What am I meant to say when my mum starts crying about my dad? We were in the car today, returning from town, I looked over and she was crying. I asked what was up, she said she was thinking of dad. I asked if there was anything specific, she said she still can’t believe what he has done.

The moment she said that, I was stumped, what am I meant to say to this?

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  1. February 14, 2013 at 21:32

    What has your Dad done ?
    Sometimes people do not want you to solve their problems. Just be there to listen and not judge. Crying helps give relief from all the pent up emotions within .I heartily approve of it. Don’t take sides , everybody is on a difficult journey in life, sometimes it leads us to where we need to be, it may be a bit rocky that is all .

  2. February 14, 2013 at 21:49

    Ok , but from what I can remember they were not happy were they ? They still love you so the problem is theirs to resolve. When you break up it can be extremely painful , there are all the memories and emotions from the past with that person. Sometimes there has to be a break, life is too short but it is still tough. Your Mom is probably on edge, feeling emotionally drained and just a simple thought/memory can upset her. She will recover over time. Just be a loving son , ask if she wants a cup of tea etc., just be there for her. You cannot make decisions for her she has to sort out her own head. But if she cries then know it is better for her to let this out than let it build up inside which can be damaging emotionally further down the line . . Hope this helps. Feel free to get in touch for support.

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